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Chorleywood's Boutique Gym

A local gym perfect for those who want the convenience of being able to walk to the gym or to have a quick work out without having to travel

Located inside


45 Lower Road, Chorleywood


Boutique friendly gym ideal for those who want to get fit & strong to live longer, healthier and active lives

At Renovate Wellness we believe that your gym experience should as unique as your DNA

Your Body, Your Health, Your Way

As a family business you become a member of our extended family

Your Goals are Our Goals


Don't get lost in the crowd or feel intimidated in large leisure centres or faceless big box gyms

Founded by Physiotherapists with your health and wellness at the heart of the design

You are NOT anonymous and will NOT be ignored



Adults lose 3 - 8 % of their muscle mass every decade after age 30. This can accelerate to 5 - 10% after age 50!


Women can lose 10% of muscle mass during perimenopause alone!


Don't become a victim to the ageing process when you can prevent it.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Our heart is a muscle that needs to exercised regularly to keep it strong and ensure we live a long and healthy life. Walking is not enough.

We need to increase our heart rate to make it work harder in order to improve it's strength and efficiency.

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