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Renovate Wellness is the vision and dream of Physiotherapists Nicky and Paul Edwards, the founders of Chiltern Physiotherapy, located on Lower Road in Chorleywood.

We are breaking the gym mould with an exclusive boutique high end gym that is as unique as you are. 

Don't get lost in the crowd or feel intimidated in large leisure centres or faceless big box gyms. 

Every member of Renovate Wellness is special to us. It is a family business and you become a member of our extended family. You are not anonymous and will not be ignored. We will tend your every need and ensure you smash your health and fitness goals. 

At Renovate Wellness we believe that your gym experience should as unique as your DNA

Your Body, Your Health, Your Personalised Fitness & Wellness Programme



As we age our muscle mass and strength decreases. 

Strength training is particularly important for women age 40+ as our declining estrogen levels leads to a rapid decline in muscle mass. Over time this leads to an increase in falls and loss of independence. 

Lifting light weights and doing lots of repetitions does not increase muscle mass of strength. We need to lift heavy weights with fewer repetitions (3-5 repetitions). But don't worry - you will NOT get big and bulky, just lean and toned.


Our heart is also a muscle that needs to exercised regularly to keep it strong and ensure we live a long and healthy life.

Walking is not enough.

We need to increase our heart rate to make it work harder in order to improve it's strength and efficiency. 



Join in the fun with other members of our Renovate Community by participating in a variety of exercise classes with our expert fitness coaches.

We are adding to our class repertoire all the time, so keep checking back for new classes!

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